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Social Media Trainer & Marketing Strategist
Increase Your Social Networks to Increase Your Business Net Worth!
"Social Media Strategies to Help You Build a Business Empire!"
In 2003, Cathy sold wedding gowns and wedding accessories online and the interest in search engine optimization, website traffic, and internet marketing began. In early 2011, she decided to get serious about internet marketing and help other entrepreneurs with the knowledge she has gained.

Cathy has a strong passion for sharing and making a positive impact on the lives of others.
She desires to share with the world all of the things she has learned, based on the products she has bought, lessons she has learned and the money she has spent to start her online empire.

 She has learned from some of the best internet marketers and bloggers in the world. Frank Kern, Mike Dillard, Lashanda Henry, Mike Filsaime, Pam Perry, Mike Koenigs, Dan Kennedy, and the list goes on and on.
As a result of learning from these online gurus, her goal is to be mentioned in the ranks as a highly effective internet marketer and a positive influence to teach others how to make their impact online. Her primary focus is on the small business entrepreneur or the person trying to make money online from home.
Currently, Cathy serves as an effective trainer, speaker and an author. Cathy has an uncanny ability to mentor others and assist in building leaders, business owners, happiness, wealth, and a deep, lasting satisfaction in life.

Hold on to your seats and get ready for the journey!
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Discover the keys to making money online and increasing your web presence with social media trainer and strategist Cathy E. Smith! Within 60 days of focusing on social media and through the use of Twitter, she was able to quadruple her social media followers.

She strongly believes “social media is one of the fastest ways to gain exposure for you, your business (brand) or both.”

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These are strategies that I've put into my own business and still do everyday.
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